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Building a Zero-Incident Safety Culture

· Zero Deaths

· Zero Injuries

· Zero Vehicle Collisions

· Zero Environmental Incidents

· 100% Organizational Excellence

The HE corporate leadership prioritizes health and safety throughout our operations and management systems. We achieve our safety goal by integrating safety into all operations, including: cultivating commitment from our management, clearly defining and communicating roles and responsibilities, allocating sufficient resources, establishing systems and processes that integrate health and safety best practices, ensuring teams are appropriately trained, and engaging employee participation.

The consistent expectation in all health and safety systems established by HE’s business group and operating leaders is that occupational hazards are identified, assessed, and effectively controlled. This process includes pre-job planning, developing site-specific health and safety plans, conducting job hazard analyses, and performing safe work practices.

HE’s commitment to zero incidents and conducting operations that comply with applicable rules and regulations is detailed in each company’s health and safety policies, programs, and safe work practices. These internal standards reflect the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration and other national and/or local agency health and safety regulations that apply to each company’s business operations.

Our Commitment to Safety:

· Full-time Safety Team

· Fit for Duty Procedures

· PEC/Safeland Instructors

· AHA CPR/First Aid Instructors

· Skill Based Competency Training

· Continuous Near Hit Reporting

· Work Permit-Daily Job Safety Analysis

· Annual Safety Training Day for staff, customers, vendors, and community

· DOT/PHMSA Drug & Alcohol Policy Compliance

· Professional DynaMetric Profile Leadership Training

· Comprehensive New Hire Orientation
and Safety Training

· Energy Worldnet and Veriforce Operator Qualification Evaluators